Vision: Basics for the Non-Scientist

Welcome! Designed with the non-scientist in mind, this section provides basic information on vision and our work here at Smith-Kettlewell.

To start, we have information on vision basics, including the anatomy and physiology behind vision. S-K's vision orients the visitor on how Smith-Kettlewell conducts its research and explains our background and culture. Our areas of research, includes what SK investigators are researching, some of the new tools and techniques they use, and how to contact them for more information about their studies. The article on Smith-Kettlewell's development of Botox is a great example of how basic scientific research can lead to far-reaching benefits in medicine. For the kid in all of us, we have the for fun section, which has visual illusions, animal eye puzzles, and other zany things. A glossary is also included, which should explain many of the scientific terms presented within these pages.

Please remember we are a vision research institute and do not provide medical advice. Contact your own physician for medical recommendations.