Smith-Kettlewell Technical Files


The following pages contain files of the entire contents to date of The Smith-Kettlewell Technical File.

Most of the series is named by the quarter in which it was published beginning with fall 1980, and continuing through the 1990s. Two volumes, Numbers 14 and 15, are listed as volumes since their publication dates were somewhat erratic.

Some individual files may be updated from time to time as further proofreading is completed. Therefore, occasionally checking the date at the top of this page is recommended.

In general no attempt has been made to update addresses or other possibly dated information. A few devices described may no longer be available, such as the TSI speech boards; however, most parts remain commonly sourced.

Addresses of suppliers can easily be had from web searches.

Older contact information has not been replaced. The only valid contact information for the editor is below. Copyright exists on articles reprinted with permission from other publications.

All information herein may be freely used for noncommercial purposes so long as original sources remain credited.

Questions regarding content should be addressed to the editor: Bill Gerrey, Smith-Kettlewell Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center, 2318 Fillmore St., San Francisco CA94115, 415-345-2125,

Special thanks for invaluable assistance in reassembling these journals from scattered sources and for proofreading scanned issues go to David Vásquez.