Smith-Kettlewell Soldering Series

Table of Contents

Soldering I
Soldering II
Soldering III: Tinning Stranded Wire
Soldering IV: Popular RF Connectors
Soldering V: RCA and Motorola Plugs
Soldering VI
Soldering VII: Resistance Soldering
JA3TBW Solder Guide
Soldering Kinks
Vinther Fingertip Soldering Iron


This series, which spanned several years in the Smith-Kettlewell Technical Files, describes how blind people do electrical soldering. I intended this to be a book on soldering and the techniques used by blind technicians. There are as many different soldering systems as there are fabrication processes and materials. The compilation of such material would be a monumental undertaking.

I justify putting this series here by proposing that "we have to start somewhere." Arbitrarily, that "somewhere" will be with my own experience in soldering. Subsequent to my writings, other readers included suggestions which appear in the series.

--William Gerrey, April 2006

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