Smith-Kettlewell Technical File

Fall 1980 Through 1998

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Although many textbooks have been translated into braille and onto recorded media, blind technicians and scientists are faced with the continual frustration of obtaining current supplemental materials.

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center published the Smith-Kettlewell Technical File, a quarterly newsletter, in braille, large print, and recorded form, to serve as a guide to the current technology as applied to the needs of blind and low vision people, both electronics professionals and hobbyists. A survey of readers showed that this narrowed the existing gaps and allowed technically-minded visually impaired people to pursue their interests.

This journal includes electronics information such as lists of materials already transcribed, catalog abstracts, data on integrated circuits, manufacturers' application notes, and when possible, construction details on devices for the blind using this current technology.

Articles were solicited from readers, training facility personnel, and other interested professionals and non-professionals. General interest "do-it-yourself" descriptions of processes and the use of tools focus directly on techniques used by the blind. Subjects include, but are not limited to:



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