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Fellowship Application Process


A fellow is selected by the Institute for training and education in a specified area(s) of research related to SKERI’s mission, with the primary objective of developing or extending his/her research skills and knowledge in preparation for a research career. Each prospective fellow is identified by a Preceptor with whom the Fellow will work during the fellowship period.

A postdoctoral fellow must have received, as of the activation of their award, a PhD., MD, OD or equivalent doctoral degree at an accredited academic institution.

A predoctoral fellow must have received, as of the activation of their award, a baccalaureate degree and must be enrolled in a program leading to the award of a PhD., MD, OD or equivalent doctoral degree at an accredited academic institution.

The individual must be a citizen or non-citizen national of the United States of America, or must either have a valid visa to perform independent research in this country or meet criteria for obtaining such a visa before the fellowship begins.

How to Apply

Individuals interested in applying to the Fellowship program must first contact a preceptor to discuss common areas of research interest and potential projects. The fellowship application is a joint research plan developed by the applicant and preceptor.

Selection Process

All applicants are nominated by a prospective Preceptor and complete a SKERI Fellowship Application attaching a complete current Curriculum Vitae, detailing the planned research and all relevant work experience. The Fellowship Committee meets to consider applications twice each year, in the spring and fall. They are ranked upon the following criteria:

1. Scientific Merit: Reflects the qualifications of the individual and the relatedness of the research to SKERI’s mission.

2. Career Development: Reflects what the Fellow will gain from this experience.

3. Prior Usage of Program: Reflects the amount of RCA SKERI support the sponsor received in the past.

4. Institution: Reflects what SKERI will gain from the fellow’s participation.

Rankings are based upon a scale of 1-5 for each category, where one is the highest possible score and averaged to form a single rank for each application.

Period of Support

Fellowship awards at SKERI are limited to a maximum of two years duration except upon specific appeal to, and subsequent recommendation by, the Fellowship Committee with agreement from the SKERI Council.

The initial award is usually for 12 months. Subsequent periods of approved fellowship training and education are contingent on scientific progress, and efforts to apply for external funding, and availability of funds. Fellowships of shorter periods are considered on an equal footing with those for the full two years.

Requests for additional time or a break in time must be strongly justified. Such events include sudden loss of the Preceptor’s services, accident, illness, or other personal situations which prevent the fellow from pursuing research training and education in an effective manner for a significant period of time.

Terms and Conditions:

All awards are made with the proviso that the second year of continued support is contingent upon appropriate progress and efforts to apply for external funds. In order to foster maximum efficacy of the fellowship program, each fellow is required to apply for external funding during the first year of their fellowship. Assistance in applying for external support is available from the SKERI Research Administration Office. (Click here for information on
International Fellowship Opportunities.)

1. In the unlikely event of a difficulty that may arise during the Fellowship period, the matter should be promptly discussed with the Preceptor. If the problem involves the Preceptor the matter should be discussed with the Chair of the Fellowship Committee. If the Preceptor is the Chair, the matter should be brought to the Executive Director for resolution.

2. Approval of employment outside of SKERI, during regular Fellowship hours, is at the discretion of the Preceptor and must meet all appropriate internal guidelines, and external guidelines in the case of outside funding of the fellowship.

3. Publications and presentation of scientific discoveries by awardees are governed by the same policies that apply to employees of SKERI. Fellows are required to sign SKERI’s annual Conflict of Interest statement.

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